NJCSC - Compensation Compendium
FY 2011
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  Aligned Employee Relations Groups    Section 1(A)ligned
  Non-Aligned Employee Relations Groups   Section 1(N)on-Aligned
  Emergency Condition Rates Section 2
  Health Care Titles    Section 3A
  Data Processing Titles    Section 3B
  Engineering and Other Technical Titles    Section 3C
  Miscellaneous Titles    Section 3D
  Teachers: Salary Range Adjustment    Section 3E
  Teachers: Educational Incentive Program    Section 3F
  Nurses: Salary Range Adjustment    Section 3G
  Nurses: Salary Range Adjustment - Supplement    Section 3H
  Nurses: Educational Incentive Payment    Section 3I
  State Police    Section 3J
  Salary Adjustments    Section 4A
  Seasonal and Student Assistant Rates    Section 4B
  Casino Control Commission    Section 4C
  Actuarial Intern Program   Section 4D
  Residents on DOT Construction Projects Section 4E
  Change in Employee Relations Group   Section 4F
  Change in Employee Relations Group eff: 12/23/06 Section 4G
  Department of the Treasury, Division of Investment Section 4H
  Movement of Employees, without Promotional Procedures,
to a Restructured Title Series

Section 4I
  Anniversary Dates Section 4J
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