NJCSC - Compensation Compendium
FY 2011
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ISSUED: March 16, 2011

A. EMPLOYEES COVERED - This salary regulation applies to all employees in titles assigned to the Employee Relations Groups A, C, F, FA, H, I, J, K, L, N, 0, P, R, S, T, 1, 2, 4, 4A, 8 and 9 except those employees designated confidential pursuant to the New Jersey Employer-Employee Relations Act, N.J.S.A. 34:13A-3, or other statutory authority. See "Attachment B" for provisions applicable to particular Employee Relations Groups.

B. ADJUSTMENTS TO COMPENSATION SCHEDULES - For those Employee Relations Groups where there is a change in base salary, titles will be assigned to new salary ranges as follows:

  1. Compensation schedules will be increased by the amount indicated on "Attachment A" for the affected Employee Relations Group.

  1. The employee's new salary will be that step of the new salary schedule that the employee held in the old salary schedule.

  1. Employees at rates of pay between steps of the range and employees assigned to titles having no range or rate will receive the increase indicated on "Attachment A."

  1. Those employees in an employee relation group that has 10 steps, who are at rates of pay beyond the salary range maximum, shall remain at that rate until the new range maximum meets or exceeds that rate, in which case the employee shall be placed on step 10 except as provided in Section 3 or by the Chair/Chief Executive Officer, Civil Service Commission, and the Director, Office of Management and Budget.

  1. Anniversary dates will not change as a result of application of this section except as provided in Section I Attachment B(6) and (7).

C. INCREMENTS - The salary of an employee whose performance is at least satisfactory under a 2-tier pass/fail system; successful under 5-tier rating system; or commendable under the 3-tier rating system will be advanced to the next incremental step in his or her salary range on his or her anniversary date during Fiscal Year 2011 except as provided in Section I Attachment B (6) and (7); however:

  1. The employee may not receive a salary increment to the ninth step of his or her salary range until he or she has been at the eighth step for 39 pay periods.

  2. See Attachment B, Paragraph 2 regarding eligibility for Step 10.

D. SALARY ADJUSTMENTS FOR NO-RANGE TITLES - The salary of an employee whose title is not assigned a range or rate may be increased by up to 5% of his or her July 2, 2010 salary, as long as the employee's performance is at least satisfactory or successful under 5-tier rating system or commendable under the 3-tier rating system.

  1. The salary increase may only be effective 12 months or more after the employee's last increase which was not a result of an across-the-board salary increase program.

  2. The appointing authority must submit an individual personnel action to grant the salary increase.
E. DURATION - This salary program will be in effect, unless superseded, through Fiscal Year 2011 only.

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