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The New Jersey Civil Service Commission updates this page daily. Note the closing date for submitting applications. If the announcement is opened to residents of more than one jurisdiction, the eligible list will be ranked according to that sequence. Click here for additional information.

Most Announcements will remain on this page for at least two weeks. Filing instructions are provided with each announcement and state how and where to apply. Click on the icon in the list below to obtain the complete Job Announcement.

If you file an application and are not a resident of the jurisdictions(s) listed in the "Open to residents of" field on the announcement, you will be found ineligible and your application fee will not be refunded.

Customer Care and Technical Support: If you are having difficulty submitting your application online, customer care and technical support are available during regular business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST, Monday - Friday, excluding holidays and emergency closings. For assistance click here or call (609) 292-4144. Please note that application support requests received outside regular business hours on the closing date will not change the application filing deadline so PLEASE FILE EARLY.
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    M0055TElectrician Asbury Park1) Asbury Park City 2) Monmouth County 3) Burlington County, Mercer County, Middlesex County, Ocean County01/09/1501/30/15
    C0086TClinical Psychologist Bergen County1) Bergen County 2) Essex County, Hudson County, Passaic County 3) New Jersey 4) United States01/21/1502/11/15
    C0090TCoordinator Of Monitoring And Evaluation Bergen County1) Bergen County 2) Essex County, Hudson County, Passaic County01/21/1502/11/15
    M0067TCode Enforcement Officer Trainee East Orange1) East Orange City 2) New Jersey01/14/1502/04/15
    M0888SFire Official Egg Harbor City1) Egg Harbor City; 2) Atlantic County01/16/1502/06/15
    M0097TFire Prevention Specialist Hamilton1) Hamilton Township 2) Mercer County01/23/1502/13/15
    C0059TSupervising Program Analyst Hudson County1) Hudson County 2) New Jersey01/12/1502/02/15
    M0060TMunicipal Court Administrator Keyport1) Keyport Borough 2) Monmouth County 3) Burlington County, Mercer County, Middlesex County, Ocean County01/12/1502/02/15
    M0104TDeputy Municipal Court Administrator Keyport1) Keyport Borough 2) Monmouth County 3) Burlington County, Mercer County, Middlesex County, Ocean County01/23/1502/13/15
    C0077TSupervisor Of Nurses Monmouth County1) Monmouth County 2) Burlington County, Mercer County, Middlesex County, Ocean County01/16/1502/06/15
    C0075TInvestigator County Medical Examiners Office Morris County1) Morris County 2) Essex County, Hunterdon County, Passaic County, Somerset County, Sussex County, Union County, Warren County01/15/1502/05/15
    M0070TAssistant Director Of Economic And Industrial Development Newark1) Newark City 2) United States01/14/1502/04/15
    M0101TAssistant Violations Clerk Ocean City1) Ocean City 2) Cape May County01/23/1502/13/15
    M0062TTraining Technician Computer Technology Plainfield1) Plainfield City 2) Union County 3) Essex County, Hudson County, Middlesex County, Morris County, Somerset Count 4) New Jersey01/13/1502/03/15
    M0050TAssistant Director Of Public Works West New York1) West New York Town 2) Hudson County01/08/1501/29/15
    C0095TAssistant Health Educator Atlantic CountyAtlantic County01/22/1502/12/15
    M0084THousing Aide BayonneBayonne City01/20/1502/10/15
    C0092TPsychiatric Social Worker Bergen CountyBergen County01/22/1502/12/15
    C0093TSupervising Maintenance Repairer Bergen CountyBergen County01/22/1502/12/15
    C0099TTechnical Support Specialist 1 Burlington CountyBurlington County01/23/1502/13/15
    C0100TTraffic Safety Coordinator Burlington CountyBurlington County01/23/1502/13/15
    C0048THead Nurse Cape May CountyCape May County01/08/1501/29/15
    C0053TFiscal Analyst Cumberland CountyCumberland County01/09/1501/30/15
    C0096TPersonnel Officer Cumberland CountyCumberland County01/22/1502/12/15
    M0033TAssistant Maintenance Supervisor ElizabethElizabeth City, New Jersey01/09/1501/30/15
    C0082TFamily Service Worker Bilingual In Spanish And English Essex CountyEssex County01/20/1502/10/15
    C0080TRent And Housing Coordinator Welfare Essex CountyEssex County01/20/1502/10/15
    C0094TSocial Worker Institutions Bilingual In Spanish And English Essex CountyEssex County01/22/1502/12/15
    C0063TSewage Plant Operator Hudson CountyHudson County01/13/1502/03/15
    C0091TBridge Operator/Public Works Repairer Hudson CountyHudson County01/21/1502/11/15
    C0089TAccounting Procedures Analyst Hudson CountyHudson County01/21/1502/11/15
    C0088TTraining Officer Law Enforcement Hudson CountyHudson County01/21/1502/11/15
    M0079TProgram Coordinator Special Events Jersey CityJersey City01/16/1502/06/15
    M0058TSewer Repairer 1/Water Repairer 1/Water Treatment Plant Operator KeansburgKeansburg Borough01/12/1502/02/15
    M0057TPublic Works Repairer KeansburgKeansburg Borough01/12/1502/02/15
    M0056TClerk Typist 2 Evidence Handling Long BranchLong Branch City01/09/1501/30/15
    C0049TMechanical Repairer Light Equipment Monmouth CountyMonmouth County01/08/1501/29/15
    M0051TOffice Supervisor New BrunswickNew Brunswick City01/08/1501/29/15
    M0065TCoordinator Youth Activities New BrunswickNew Brunswick City01/13/1502/03/15
    M0054TSenior Personnel Assistant HolmdelNew Jersey01/09/1501/30/15
    S9988TCorrection Officer Recruit StateNew Jersey12/04/1401/29/15
    2015 Parks Summer Seasonal PositionsDepartment of Environmental ProtectionNew Jersey12/01/1403/01/15
    M0081TPublic Works Inspector RidgewoodNew Jersey01/20/1502/10/15
    Family Service Specialist Trainee (Non-competitive) Bilingual - Spanish and EnglishDepartment of Children and FamiliesNew Jersey12/03/1406/03/15
    M0087TAssistant Zoning Officer TeaneckNew Jersey01/21/1502/11/15
    C0083TInvestigator County Welfare Agency Somerset CountyNew Jersey01/20/1502/10/15
    M0069TSupervisor Of Senior Citizens Activities MillburnNew Jersey01/14/1502/04/15
    M0068TCode Enforcement Officer Trainee RutherfordNew Jersey01/14/1502/04/15
    Chief Operating Officer (Unclassified)New Jersey Office of Information TechnologyNew Jersey01/06/1501/30/15
    Information Technology Specialist (Oracle Database Administrator) Non competitiveNew Jersey Office of Information TechnologyNew Jersey01/15/1502/02/15
    Investigator (Medical Review Analyst) UnclassifiedNew Jersey Office of the State ComptrollerNew Jersey01/16/1502/06/15
    Assistant Director for Information Technology and Administrative Services (SES)Department of the TreasuryNew Jersey01/22/1502/20/15
    Environmental Specialist 2 (Unclassified)Department of Environmental ProtectionNew Jersey01/23/1502/06/15
    Landscape Designer Trainee (Non-competitive)Department of TransportationNew Jersey01/26/1502/09/15
    Teacher 3, 12 Months (Unclassified)Department of Children and FamiliesNew Jersey01/26/1502/09/15
    M0078TProgram Coordinator Special Events NewarkNewark City01/16/1502/06/15
    M0066TExecutive Assistant NewarkNewark City01/13/1502/03/15
    M0071TSupervisor Of Data Processing Operations NewarkNewark City01/14/1502/04/15
    M0072TAssistant Director Of Finance NewarkNewark City01/15/1502/05/15
    M0073TSupervisor Of Motor Pool NewarkNewark City01/15/1502/05/15
    M0074TSenior Accountant NewarkNewark City01/15/1502/05/15
    C0103THorticulturist Ocean CountyOcean County01/23/1502/13/15
    M0076TPublic Health Nurse PatersonPaterson City01/16/1502/06/15
    C0052TMaintenance Worker 3 Grounds Salem CountySalem County01/08/1501/29/15
    C0061TSenior Employment Specialist Salem CountySalem County01/12/1502/02/15
    C0098TSenior Maintenance Repairer Electrician Salem CountySalem County01/23/1502/13/15
    C0064TSenior Electrician Sussex CountySussex County01/13/1502/03/15
    M0102TRadio Dispatcher/Security Guard VinelandVineland City01/23/1502/13/15

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