New Jersey Civil Service Commission  
Job Application- Tips and Techniques

Submitting a complete, accurate and legible job application to the New Jersey Civil Service Commission is key to your success in applying for a job.


A review and evaluation of your application may be the sole basis for determining your eligibility and ranking on an eligible list. Completing it the right way may take a bit more time, but it will ensure the reviewer has the best and most complete information by which to judge your application.


Here are some tips for effectively completing an application:

  • Complete dates (month and year) are needed – for each job you list, include the date you started and the date your employment ended.

  • You must meet all the requirements in the announcement as of the closing date.
  •        Examples – Closing Date – September 21, 2004

  • Be sure that the dates and experience you list for each title you’ve held are accurate. Check past records for accurate dates and duties.

  • List each title separately; don’t just list your current title if you’ve actually held many different titles within the same agency.

  • If indicating part-time experience, list the number of hours worked per week.

  • If specific course work is required, legible transcripts with the specific courses highlighted/identified should be included. Don’t assume that we have your transcripts from prior announcements - send a copy with each application when required.

  • An official transcript does not have to be sent directly from the college. It’s better to have your official transcript sent directly to you so you can copy it and attach it to your application. If your school will not send it directly to you, please make sure the applicable exam “symbol” is included on the transcript sent to the CSC.

         Example of a “symbol” – S1234F or M2345G

  • Fill out all the information requested on the application EVEN IF you are attaching a resume. This includes: 
    • Titles -- when listing a State/Municipal/County job, include your official Civil Service title, not your functional title.
    • # supervised
    • Dates
    • Education
    • Licenses
    • Any other required information

  • If you are submitting a resume in addition to completing the application, make sure the dates match. If CSC sees conflicting dates between your application and attached resume, all of your experience may not be credited.

  • Provide a complete and accurate description of your duties. If your description is not clear, the CSC may not be able to determine if you meet the requirements, or you may receive less credit than you deserve.

  • If you have supervised anyone, now or in the past, you must indicate that you have supervisory experience. Describe your supervisory duties and include the number of people you have supervised. In your description, do not assume the CSC reviewers will know what you have done – this could make you leave out important information. Clearly list your supervisory duties. Use an extra page if needed.

  • Review the job specification for the title for which you are applying. Then, describe the duties you have performed that are “relevant” to that job.

  • Be careful when using “jargon,” “buzzwords” and lingo familiar only to people in the field. These words/phrases should be clearly defined so anyone reading your application can understand them. You may want to ask a friend or family member to read your application and tell you if there are things in it they do not understand.

  • Don’t attach a job specification to your application with the note “see attached.” Instead, describe your duties in detail.

  • Don’t include letters of reference or commendation with your application – save these for the interview.

  • Don’t include every license, certification, training course, etc. you have earned, unless it is required or relevant to the position for which you are applying. If it is required or relevant, send a clean, clear copy.

  • If you have experience with specific equipment, systems or programs that are required for a position, be sure to include that on your application.

  • Before you submit your application, please make sure:

    •  Your signed application is complete in all areas;

    •  You include a signed check, money order, or proof of exemption;

    •  You include copies of your official transcripts (if your college is not directly sending them to the CSC), if required;

    •  You include all copies of licenses and certifications, if required; and

    •  You make sure your name is listed clearly on each extra page you submit with your application.

  • All requirements for the position must be fulfilled as of the closing date of the job announcement.



  1. If the job is important to you, then take the time needed to prepare and submit a complete, accurate and legible application.
  2. Ask someone else to proofread your application.
  3. If you don’t have the qualifications required for the job, it would be a waste of the application processing fee to submit even the best intentioned application.
  4. False information on an application is grounds for a “no hire” decision or dismissal.

These tips apply to all applications you’ll complete in your career. It’s a good idea to create a “New Jobs and Promotions” file with your work history in it. Include organizations worked for, dates, duty descriptions, updated resumes, copies of transcripts, licenses, letters of reference, etc.


Best of luck in your job search!