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Job Specification


 Under supervision, functions at the entry level of the professional
 librarian class of jobs providing a variety of library services
 primarily to children; does other related duties as required.

 NOTE:  The examples of work for this title are for illustrative
 purposes only. A particular position using this title may not perform
 all duties listed in this job specification. Conversely, all duties
 performed on the job may not be listed.


 Determines content/arrangement of children's library material 
 for displays, exhibits, and special library programs.

 Compiles lists of book titles, bibliographies, or reading lists
 according to subject matter or other designation in response to 
 patron and/or internal administrative requests.

 Conducts story hours and other children's programs.

 Provides readers' advisory service to suggest materials to
 children/parents seeking aid in selection of reading material.

 Develops and conducts library programs such as library tours, book
 talks, film programs, and reading clubs for the purpose of stimulating
 reading among children and/or to inform the community and various
 organizations of available library services.

 Recommends purchase or rental of library material for the children's
 section, taking into consideration priority needs and budget

 Composes publicity releases or program announcements for media,
 library newsletters, or other publications.

 Reviews library collections of books, films, periodicals, records, and
 so forth to weed material for purposes of discarding due to

 Exchanges ideas, information, and opinions with supervisors to
 formulate policies, procedures, programs, and so forth in relation to
 assigned work.

 Issues assignments and instructs subordinate personnel in the
 performance of their work.

 Compiles statistical data and periodically composes narrative reports
 showing plans, programs, problems, or accomplishments of the work

 Will be required to learn to utilize various types of electronic and/or 
 manual recording and information systems used by the agency,
 office, or related units.



 A Master's degree in Library or Information Science in a library
 program accredited by the American Library Association or from
 a New Jersey college Master's program in Library Science that
 has been deemed acceptable by Thomas Edison State College.


 Appointees may be required to possess a valid New Jersey 
 license as a Professional Librarian.
 NOTE: N.J.S.A.45:8A-1 and N.J.A.C. 6:11-11.6 states that 
 a professional librarian certificate is required for employment as 
 a professional librarian in libraries supported in whole or in part by
 public funds, serving communities with populations of 10,000 and
 above. Libraries under the charge and control of a board of education
 are exempt from this requirement.

 Appointees will be required to possess a driver's license valid
 in New Jersey only if the operation of a vehicle, rather than employee
 mobility, is necessary to perform essential duties of the position.


 Knowledge of theories, objectives, principles, and techniques of
 librarianship particularly as they relate to providing aid/assistance
 to children.

 Knowledge of the Dewey Decimal Classification System but without
 having to commit to memory what each numerical classification

 Knowledge of the form, content, and use of bibliographies and book
 lists of reader interest levels.

 Ability to comprehend specific problems/functions of a library and to
 select appropriate books, periodicals, manuals, pamphlets, and other
 material for the use of the unit concerned.

 Ability to communicate with children and determine their needs and

 Ability to converse, speaking clearly and concisely.

 Ability to perform extensive alphabetizing beyond the initial letter
 of a word.

 Ability to organize library work programs and procedures.

 Ability to give appropriate assignments and instruct subordinates in
 the use of the library and its resources and in basic research

 Ability to prepare clear, sound, accurate, and informative
 statistical, financial, and other library reports containing findings,
 conclusions, and recommendations.

 Ability to establish and maintain library records and files.

 Ability to utilize various types of electronic and/or manual recording
 and information systems used by the agency, office, or related units.

 Ability to read, write, speak, understand, and communicate in English
 sufficiently to perform duties of this position. American Sign
 Language or Braille may also be considered as acceptable forms of

 Persons with mental or physical disabilities are eligible as long 
 as they can perform essential functions of the job with or without
 reasonable accommodation.  If the accommodation cannot be 
 made because it would cause the employer undue hardship, 
 such persons may not be eligible.

 This job specification is applicable to the following title code:
Local or
Class of
07570LC N/A01-

This job specification is for local government use only.
Salary range is only applicable to state government.
Local salaries are established by individual local jurisdictions.

MER   6/2/2011