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Job Specification

                        (ALL JURISDICTIONS)

 Under supervision, performs typing and other related clerical
 work requiring the exercise of independent judgment and a working 
 knowledge of department rules, regulations, and policies, and/or 
 has charge of the work of a small group of clerk typists, and/or
 has charge of the designated phase of the typing work of the
 department; does related work as required.

 NOTE: The definition and examples of work for this title are for
 illustrative purposes only. A particular position using this title may not
 perform all duties  listed in this job specification. Conversely, all duties
 performed on the job may not be listed.

 NOTE: Appointments may be made to positions requiring bilingual skills.

 23233C - Bilingual in Spanish and English
 Applicants must be able to read, write, speak, understand, or communicate 
 in Spanish and English sufficiently to perform the duties of this position.


 Organizes assigned clerical, typing, and other related work and
 develops effective work methods.

 Assigns suitable work, instructs individuals and groups, and
 supervises the performance of their work.

 Reviews, checks, and certifies reports, applications, and other
 documents for correctness.

 Composes answers to routine letters and prepares other letters in
 accord with office routines and regulations.

 Does typing accurately and rapidly from varied types of copy.

 Checks and verifies bills, vouchers, statements, and payrolls.

 Prepares claim schedules.

 Records varied types of data accurately.

 Keeps tickler files up-to-date.

 Receives and checks applications and/or fees and prepares receipts.

 Receives, reviews, and adjusts complaints.

 Prepares personnel records, requisitions, estimates, statistical
 information, receiving records, and inventories.

 Supervises the operation and care of office machines and equipment.

 May assist with on-the-job training of new clerical employees.

 Answers nonroutine inquiries for information originating within and
 without the agency in accord with agency policy and regulations.

 In State government, Department of Law and Public Safety, may type 
 labels for specimens, samples, or evidence.

 In State government, Department of Law and Public Safety, maintains 
 records of evidence receipt, verification, and recording.

 In State government, Department of Law and Public Safety, may type 
 laboratory records reflecting the storage of evidence.

 In the Department of Law and Public Safety, may verify receipt
 against source documents.

 May assist in supervising the preparation of and personally prepares
 statistical and other reports.

 May assist in planning and supervising a designated phase of the
 clerical activity of the unit.

 Maintains essential records and files. 

 Will be required to learn to utilize various types of electronic and/or 
 manual recording and information systems used by the agency, 
 office, or related units.



 One (1) year of experience in clerical work including typing.

 NOTE: Successful completion of a clerical training program with a
 minimum of 700 clerical training hours or 30 semester hour credits in
 secretarial science from an accredited college or university may be
 substituted for the experience indicated above. Coursework must
 include typing skills, methods, and procedures; other courses may
 include, but not be limited to, office procedures, word processing,
 and business English.


 Appointees will be required to possess a driver's license valid
 in New Jersey only if the operation of a vehicle, rather than employee
 mobility, is necessary to perform the essential duties of the position.


 Knowledge of modern office methods, practices, routines, machines,
 equipment, and of the internal organization after a period of training.

 Ability to comprehend established office routines and regulations and
 apply them to specific cases in accord with established procedures.

 Ability to organize assigned clerical, typing, and supervisory work,
 and develop effective work methods.

 Ability to give assignments and instructions to clerical employees 
 and supervise the performance of their work.

 Ability to help plan and to supervise a designated phase of the
 clerical work of the unit.

 Ability to type accurately and rapidly.

 Ability to work cooperatively with associates and superior officers
 and with that portion of the public interested in or concerned with
 the work of the office.

 Ability to keep complicated records.

 Ability to use and properly care for office machines and equipment.

 Ability to prepare clear, concise, and appropriate business letters in
 accord with office regulations, policies, and procedures.

 Ability to prepare and supervise the preparation of clear, sound,
 accurate, and informative reports containing findings, conclusions,
 and recommendations.

 Ability to maintain and supervise the maintenance of essential 
 records and files.

 Ability to learn to utilize various types of electronic and/or manual recording
 and information systems used by the agency, office, or related units.
 Ability to read, write, speak, understand, and communicate in English
 sufficiently to perform the duties of this position. American Sign
 Language or Braille may also be considered as acceptable forms of

 Persons with mental or physical disabilities are eligible as long as
 they can perform the essential functions of the job after reasonable
 accommodation is made to their known limitations. If the accommodation
 cannot be made because it would cause the employer undue hardship,
 such persons may not be eligible.

This job specification is applicable to the following title code(s) which
are different work week or work month and/or variants of the job class title:
Local or
Class of
23233CBilingual In Spanish & EnglishSC3509N/AA08-
23235SC3509N/AA0510 Month

This job specification is for state government use only.
Salary range is only applicable to state government.
Local salaries are established by individual local jurisdictions.