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Job Specification 41354



   A position in this job category typically proofreads material for
   accuracy; determines measurements for typesetting; edits written
   material; composes mechanicals; determines format, size, and
   arrangement of forms; operates computerized typesetting and composing
   equipment; evaluates graphic design for style, arrangement, color,
   technique, and effect.


       NOTE: The above Job Category Summary and following examples of
       work are for illustrative purposes only.  Any one position may not
       include all of the tasks listed, nor do the examples cover all of
       the duties which may be performed.

   Proofreads material for accuracy

   Determines measurements for typesetting

   Edits written material

   Composes mechanicals

   Determines format, size, and arrangement of forms

   Checks typesetting equipment for working condition

   Verifies entered data against source documents

   Evaluates graphic design for style, arrangement, color, technique, and

   Copies data to tape, floppy disk, or other data storage medium

   Develops formats for printed material

   Designs layout for brochures, newsletters, forms, reports, leaflets, or

   Determines leading for forms

   Determines style, techniques, and medium for graphic arts projects
   Designs layouts of graphic or printed materials

   Determines sequence of information on forms

   Designs forms for printer capability

   Designs office forms such as invoices and production sheets

   Analyzes forms for determination of effectiveness, possible change, or

   Corrects routine problems with computer or printer

   Designs charts and graphs

   Estimates necessary quantity of time, costs, materials or personnel for
   the accomplishment of assignments or goals

   Recommends the purchase of new and replacement materials, equipment,
   parts and supplies

   Organizes graphic arts projects from conception to completion

   Verifies that quantity and type of item ordered matches invoice

   Determines quantity of forms for printing

   Inventories materials, equipment, parts or supplies

   Operates computerized typesetting and composing equipment

   Selects typeface for printed matter

   Makes (produces) camera-ready copy

   Types copy

   Operates computer terminal or PC for information processing

   Sets type

   Operates film processing component of photo typesetting equipment

   Checks working condition of graphic arts equipment

   Manipulates (uses) drafting equipment, such as T-square, triangle,
   compass, or leroy sets
   Operates manual typesetting equipment

   Applies computer programs to graphics design development

   Informs individuals of procedures necessary for completion of forms or

   Informs the responsible person or organization of difficulties,
   accomplishments, plans or goals

   Provides technical advice to staff, peers or management


   Knowledge of the types and characteristics of graphic arts equipment

   Knowledge of principles and techniques of forms design

   Knowledge of picas and points for printing

   Knowledge of standard English grammar; for example, syntax,
   punctuation, verb agreement, or tense

   Knowledge of the principles and techniques of copy preparation,
   composition and layout

   Knowledge of layout specifications for printing

   Knowledge of printing terminology

   Knowledge of types of graphics software packages

   Knowledge of layout techniques

   Knowledge of proofreading symbols

   Knowledge of limitations and capabilities of printing equipment

   Knowledge of graphic arts techniques and media

   Knowledge of the principles of graphic arts design

   Knowledge of aesthetic design

   Knowledge of mini or mainframe computer word processing software
   Knowledge of procedures for maintaining laser printers

   Knowledge of techniques for film processing

   Knowledge of techniques of interpersonal relations

   Skill in operating a typewriter

   Skill in operating a word processor

   Ability to operate computerized typesetting systems

   Ability to make precise measurements for graphic designs

   Ability to use layout equipment and tools

   Ability to produce artwork from verbal description of requirements

   Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide, using decimals,
   percentages and fractions

   Ability to select graphics that communicate conception or idea to
   target audience

   Ability to edit rough or final copy for form, accuracy, and clarity

   Ability to develop computer codes, formats, and designs

   Ability to compare written or printed material for accuracy

   Ability to design graphics using computer software

   Ability to determine leading for forms

   Ability to operate graphic arts equipment

   Ability to use a proportion wheel

   Ability to design charts or graphs from raw data

   Ability to establish goals and set priorities

   Ability to summarize information in a written form

   Ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers
   Ability to use a proportion wheel

   Ability to operate manual typesetting equipment

   Ability to read and interpret laws, rules, and regulations

   Ability to convey information in a written form



       Completion of a vocational, technical or specialized training
       program in the graphic arts.


       Three (3) years of experience in work utilizing graphic arts
       equipment, forms design, and layout specifications for printing.


       Applicants who do not possess the required education may substitute
       one (1) additional year of the indicated experience.

   Specification Information Sheet available at the New Jersey Department
   of Personnel or your agency's personnel office.

   Occupational Group:   Art Occupations

   Occupational Family:  Graphic Arts

   Level    Title Code  Title Reference Number  Effective: 5/28/94

     1        41354       14020701 (C) 35,12