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Job Specification 42023C




 Under  supervision in the Department of Transportation  or  Local
 Government,  operates,  adjusts, and   services  a  line-striping
 truck  and associated equipment, and supervises work of the  crew
 assigned to the truck; does other related duties.

 NOTE: The  examples of work for this title are for illustrative
 purposes  only.  A particular position using this title  may  not
 perform all duties listed in this job specification.  Conversely,
 all duties performed on the job may not be listed.


 Operates equipment on a line-striping truck to paint new  traffic
 patterns and repaint existing patterns.

 Supervises the operation of the line-striping truck and crew.

 Interprets plans and sketches for the painting of traffic lines.

 Operates,  maintains, and makes minor adjustments and repairs  to
 line-striping trucks and associated equipment including  gasoline
 motors,  air  compressors,  spray guns,  bead  dispensers,  power
 take-off  pumps, power agitators, and line painting equipment.

 Makes   necessary  adjustments  for  uniform   paint   and   bead

 Takes necessary precautions to ensure safety of crew  members and
 the  public  welfare while working in an exposed  position  on  a
 moving vehicle.

 Operates  small  line striper to apply paint to new  or  existing
 location  and  participates in installation  of  traffic  marking

 Participates in installation, replacement, and repair of  traffic

 Drives  and operates various equipment used for snow removal  and
 ice control during the winter period.

 Maintains simple records.

 Will  be required to learn to utilize various types of electronic
 and/or  manual  recording and information  systems  used  by  the
 agency, office, or related units.



      One  (1) year of experience in work involving the operation,
 adjustment,  and  maintenance of trucks  and  equipment  used  in
 highway line painting operations.


      Applicants  must possess a valid Commercial Drivers  License
 (CDL)  and  applicable endorsements for the  class  and  type  of
 vehicle  being operated.


 Knowledge of the safe, correct operation and adjustment of trucks
 and equipment used in highway line painting.

 Knowledge   of  requirements  for  application  of    paint   and
 reflective material used in highway traffic marking.

 Knowledge of traffic control and safety practices established for
 work in highway marking.

 Ability  to  organize assigned work, and supervise line  painting

 Ability  to  interpret  plans and sketches for  painting  traffic
 lines and installing signs.

 Ability  to  perform  minor maintenance of highway  traffic  line
 painting  equipment  including motors, compressors,  spray  guns,
 paint pumps, bead dispensers, and agitators.

 Ability  to  operate, service, and perform minor  maintenance  on

 Ability  to  drive and operate equipment normally used  for  snow
 removal and ice control.

 Ability to maintain records.

 Ability  to  learn to utilize various types of electronic  and/or
 manual  recording  and information systems used  by  the  agency,
 office, or  related units.

 Ability  to  read,  write, speak, understand, or  communicate  in
 English  sufficiently  to perform the duties  of  this  position.
 American   Sign  Language or Braille may also  be  considered  as
 acceptable forms of  communication.

 Persons  with  mental or physical disabilities  are  eligible  as
 long as they can perform the essential functions of the job after
 reasonable accommodation is made to their known limitations.   If
 the   accommodation  cannot be made because it  would  cause  the
 employer undue  hardship, such persons may not be eligible.

 CODES: 15/C16 - 42023C           CGS                 5/06/99

 This job specification is for state or local government use.