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Job Specification 42128




       Under the supervision of a supervisory officer in a state
  department, institution, or agency operates, services, makes minor
  adjustments to, loads and unloads trucks with tandem/dual rear axles;
  does related work as required.


       Receives written and/or oral assignments; drives trucks and other
  equipment of varied types used for highway maintenance and construction
  work, road oiling, snow plowing, and ice control work; assists with the
  repair and installation of snow plows and spreaders.

       Picks up, loads, unloads, and delivers materials of varied types
  to specified destinations; keeps records of receipts, deliveries, fuel
  consumption and mileage.

       Drives to designated locations; makes minor repairs and
  adjustments; keeps trucks supplied with gas, oil, and water; keeps
  garage clean and in order; keeps records of trips.

       Checks, cleans, greases, washes, and makes the required
  adjustments to trucks and other auxiliary equipment.

       Operates equipment such as lowboys, bulk tanks, flatbeds, and
  cement trucks.

       Operates snow removal equipment; helps to keep roads clear;
  assists in the repair of snow removal equipment; assists in the
  installation of snow plow attachments; loads and unloads and delivers
  snow plow equipment to various locations throughout the state.

       May be required to learn to utilize various types of electronic
  and/or manual recording and information systems used by the agency,
  office, or related units.



          One (1) year of experience in the work involving the operation
  and routine maintenance of trucks with tandem/dual rear axles (i.e.,
  10-14 yard dump truck, flatbed, 5 ton wrecker, Gradal, and cement
  truck) and auxiliary equipment (i.e. snow plow, grader, salt spreader,
  power take-off, winch and lift body).


           Appointees must possess a valid Commercial Driver's License
  (CDL) and applicable endorsements for the class and type of vehicle
  being operated.

       NOTE: The responsibility for ensuring that employees possess the
  required motor vehicle license, commensurate with the class and type of
  vehicles they operate, rests with the appointing authority.


           Knowledge of the construction, care and maintenance and the
  competent, safe, and efficient operation of trucks and auxiliary
  equipment, including cleaning, lubricating, servicing of batteries, and
  care of tires and lights.

           Knowledge of the minor repair procedures that can be
  accomplished without recourse to the repair shop.

           Knowledge of the procedures involved in the loading,
  unloading, and delivering of various materials and in the preparation
  of simple records, invoices, and receipts.

           Knowledge of construction operations and procedures and of the
  proper use of mechanized equipment including cleaning, greasing,
  servicing, and making minor adjustments and repairs to the equipment.

           Ability to detect problems in  the operation of mechanized
  highway and other construction equipment.

           Ability to detect truck driving and operating problems,
  organize assigned trucking and related work, and develop effective work

           Ability to understand, remember, and carry out oral and
  written directions and to perform tasks after oral and/or written
  explanations and demonstrations.

           Ability to operate trucks and auxiliary equipment in a safe
  and competent manner.

           Ability to load and unload varied types of freight.

           Ability to service, clean, and make minor repairs to trucking

           Ability to work effectively with supervisors, associates, and
  other persons having a part in the trucking operation.
           Ability to learn to utilize various types of electronic and/or
  manual recording and information systems used by the agency, office or
  related units.

           Ability to read, write, speak, understand, or communicate in
  English sufficiently to perform the duties of this position.  American
  Sign Language or Braille may also be considered as acceptable forms of

           Persons with mental or physical disabilities are eligible as
  long as they can perform the essential functions of the job after
  reasonable accommodation is made to their known limitations.  If the
  accommodation cannot be made because it would cause the employer undue
  hardship, such persons may not be eligible.

  Code: O12-42128                       CAH                  12/11/93