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Job Specification



 Under   the  direction  of  a  supervisory  officer  in  a  State
 department,  institution, or agency, as a trainee and  productive
 worker,  receives  on-the-job training  in  government  personnel
 practices  and  procedures and their application  and  does  work
 which  will provide practical personnel experience; does  related

 NOTE: The  examples of work for this title are for illustrative
 purposes  only.  A particular position using this title  may  not
 perform all duties listed in this job specification.  Conversely,
 all duties performed on the job may not be listed.


 As trainee and productive worker:

 Attends   training  sessions  and  studies  government  personnel
 procedures  and  practices and the specific  work  processes  and
 methods of the State department or agency concerned.

 Receives   training  in  the  principles  and  uses  of  position
 classification,  position analysis, the survey  and  analysis  of
 positions  and  groups of positions; collection, tabulation,  and
 analysis  of  pay  data; collection and analysis  of  information
 required   to   initiate   requests  for   new   positions,   the
 reclassification   of   existing  positions,   and   changes   in

 Receives   training  in  the  preparation  of  various  personnel
 actions,  including the use of personnel transaction forms,  such
 as the DPF-44 and DPF-44A.

 Makes a tentative allocation of positions to title classes.

 May  prepare  and process classification and pay documents,  sort
 and   process   forms,  and  record  and  effectuate   technical,
 procedural, and other decisions.

 May prepare accurate position descriptions and write class

 May machine score short answer tests; score free answer and short
 answer tests; prepare free answer and short answer test items and
 scoring  keys;  analyze test scores to determine distribution  of
 scores,  the  mean,  the  median, or deviation  of  scores,  item
 difficulty,   and  the  correlation  of  test  scores   with   an
 independent criterion.

 May tabulate service reports and ratings.

 May   process  applications  for  employment,  reports   or   pay
 adjustments,    reports   of   appointments,   reclassifications,
 demotions, and separations.

 May pre-audit and certify payrolls.

 May study Department procedures and routines.

 May  participate  in orientation programs for  employees  and  in
 assigning employees to offices or workstations.

 May  conduct exit interviews and in making statistical  or  other
 studies of the reasons for employee turnover.

 Prepares histories and records of applicants and makes follow up

 Prepares  correspondence, survey reports,  memoranda,  histories,
 analyses,  position  descriptions, and  other  written  materials
 using a predetermined form.

 Maintains records and files.

 May  be  required to learn to utilize various types of electronic
 and/or  manual  recording and information  systems  used  by  the
 agency, office, or related units.



      Graduation from an accredited college or university with a
 Bachelor's degree.


      Appointees  will  be required to possess a driver's  license
 valid  in  NJ  only  if the operation of a vehicle,  rather  than
 employee  mobility, is necessary to perform essential  duties  of
 the position.


 Knowledge   of   the  problems  encountered  in  collecting   and
 interpreting  data and of the precautions to be taken in  drawing
 conclusions and recording facts.

 Knowledge of individual and group differences, physical and
 mental factors and their measurement.

 Ability to profit from an in-service training program in modern
 government personnel procedures

 Ability to learn from observation and reading.

 Ability to understand and carry out oral and written directions

 Ability to use English correctly orally and in writing.

 Ability to conduct interviews.

 Ability to work effectively with others.

 Ability to make arithmetic calculations.

 Ability to calculate medians, modes, quartiles, deviations, and
 correlations from data.

 Ability to prepare reports.

 Ability to maintain records and files.

 Ability  to  utilize  various types of electronic  and/or  manual
 recording and information systems used by the agency, office,  or
 related units.

 Ability  to  read,  write, speak, understand, or  communicate  in
 English  sufficiently  to perform the duties  of  this  position.
 American  Sign  Language or Braille may  also  be  considered  as
 acceptable forms of communication.

 Persons with mental or physical disabilities are eligible as long
 as  they  can  perform the essential functions of the  job  after
 reasonable  accommodation  is  made  to  their  limitations.   If
 accommodation cannot be made because it would cause the  employer
 undue hardship, such persons may not be eligible.


      Appointees   who  successfully  complete  the   twelve-month
 training period will be eligible for advancement to the title among
 the  following,  for  which  they have  been  trained:  Personnel
 Management  Analyst  4, Personnel Assistant,  or  Human  Resource
 Consultant 1.

      The inability of an employee in this title to attain a level
 of  performance  warranting advancement to a title  listed  above
 shall be considered cause for separation.

This job specification is applicable to the following title code:
Local or
Class of

This job specification is for state government use only.
Salary range is only applicable to state government.
Local salaries are established by individual local jurisdictions.