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Job Specification


  Under the supervision of a Human Resource Manager or other
  supervisory officer or manager in a state department agency,
  or institution, assists in the routine administration or unit
  agreements and grievance processing at the institution, agency, 
  or department level; assists in the disciplinary processing at the
  institution or agency level; does related work as required.


  Using available Departmental Employee Relations Bulletins and
  Interpretive Circulars, assists in the administration of Statewide
  negotiation unit contracts.

  Assists with the training of supervisory and managerial personnel
  in the administration and application of the State-wide negotiation 
  unit contracts.

  Participates in the training of agency/institution staff involving the
  grievance/discipline process.

  Collects information and gathers evidence used to substantiate

  As directed, assists with liaison between the institution, agency,
  and the local officers and officials of the various certified majority
  representatives in the day to day application of contracts and

  As directed, reviews grievance decisions as necessary, with
  hearing officers appointed by the appointing authority of the
  institution or agency.

  May act as liaison between the institution and agency and the
  Employee Relations Section for the processing of those contractual
  grievances, the decisions of which require interpretation of
  contractual provisions.

  May act as a liaison between the institution or agency and the
  Employee Relations Section, Bureau of Personnel Services, 
  and Employee Relations on the interpretation, application, and 
  administration of the unit contracts, and agreements.

  May conduct special investigations concerning employee relations

  Prepares specialized and routine memorandums, reports, and
  correspondence as required in the course of official duties.



  Graduation from an accredited college with a Bachelor's degree.


  One (1) year of technical work experience in the routine administration 
  of negotiated contracts, grievance, and disciplinary
  processing programs in a large public or private organization.

  NOTE:   Applicants who do not possess the required education
  may substitute experience as indicated above on a year for year basis.


  Appointee will be required to possess a driver's license valid
  in New Jersey only if the operation of a vehicle, rather than employee
  mobility, is necessary to perform the essential duties of the position.


  Ability to acquire knowledge of New Jersey Public Employee
  Relations Act (Chapters 123 and 303 as amended).

  Ability to acquire knowledge and familiarity with the conduct
  and procedures of grievance and disciplinary hearings.

  Ability to acquire knowledge of the rules, regulations, and policies 
  and procedures of the department concerning grievances and
  disciplinary hearing processes.

  Ability to acquire knowledge of the grievance and disciplinary
  contractual provisions of the statewide negotiated unit contracts.

  Ability to acquire knowledge of the department's position on
  contractual provisions of the statewide negotiated unit contracts.

  Ability to comprehend and interpret Civil Service, Department of 
  Treasury, and Office of Employee Relations directives and other
  rules, regulations, and procedures.

  Ability to handle routine matters concerned with departmental
  employee relations administration and the preparation and 
  maintenance of the required records.

  Ability to take and maintain a firm and courteous stand when
  differences of opinion and interpretation arise and to work effectively
  with associates, union or association representatives, supervisors, 
  and with those individuals interested in or with the programs and 
  services of the department.

  Ability to prepare detailed statistical and other reports containing 
  findings, conclusions, and recommendations.

  Ability to maintain the essential records and files.

  Ability to learn to utilize various types of electronic and/or manual 
  recording and information systems used by the agency, office, or
  related units.

  Ability to read, write, speak, understand, or communicate in
  English sufficiently to perform the duties of this position.  American
  Sign Language or Braille may also be considered as acceptable 
  forms of communication.

  Persons with mental or physical disabilities are eligible as long 
  as they can perform essential functions of the job with or without 
  reasonable accommodation.  If the accommodation cannot be 
  made because it would cause the employer undue hardship, such 
  persons may not be eligible.

  This job specification is applicable to the following title code:
Local or
Class of
63252DEmployee RelationsSC3520N/AY19-

This job specification is for state government use only.
Salary range is only applicable to state government.
Local salaries are established by individual local jurisdictions.

MER   12/04/2010