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The New Jersey Civil Service Commission updates this page daily. Note the closing date for submitting applications. If the announcement is opened to residents of more than one jurisdiction, the eligible list will be ranked according to that sequence. Click here for additional information.

Most Announcements will remain on this page for at least two weeks. Filing instructions are provided with each announcement and state how and where to apply. Click on the icon in the list below to obtain the complete Job Announcement.

If you file an application and are not a resident of the jurisdictions(s) listed in the "Open to residents of" field on the announcement, you will be found ineligible and your application fee will not be refunded.

Customer Care and Technical Support: If you are having difficulty submitting your application online, customer care and technical support are available during regular business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST, Monday - Friday, excluding holidays and emergency closings. Please Email: or call (609) 292-4144. Please note that application support requests received outside regular business hours on the closing date will not change the application filing deadline so PLEASE FILE EARLY.
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    C0475TNetwork Administrator 1 Bergen County1) Bergen County; 2) Essex County, Hudson County, Passaic County06/23/1507/14/15
    C0489TProject Coordinator Construction Bergen County1) Bergen County; 2) Essex County, Hudson County, Passaic County06/29/1507/20/15
    C0476THealth Educator Bergen County1) Bergen County; 2) Essex County, Hudson County, Passaic County; 3) New Jersey06/25/1507/16/15
    C0488TRegistered Environmental Health Specialist Public Health Bergen County1) Bergen County; 2) Essex County, Hudson County, Passaic County; 3) New Jersey06/29/1507/20/15
    S0437TInstitutional Trade Instructor 1 Cooking South Woods State Prison1) Bridgeton City; 2) Cumberland and Salem Counties; 3) Cape May County06/15/1507/06/15
    C0498TJuvenile Detention Officer Camden County1) Camden County; 2) Atlantic County, Burlington County, Gloucester County07/01/1507/22/15
    M0504TLibrary Director Dover1) Dover Town; 2) Morris County; 3) Essex County, Hunterdon County, Passaic County, Somerset County, Sussex County, Union County, Warren County07/01/1507/22/15
    M0473TAnimal Control Officer Hopatcong1) Hopatcong Borough; 2) Sussex County; 3) Morris County, Passaic County, Warren County06/23/1507/14/15
    M0436TClaims Adjuster Jersey City1) Jersey City; 2) Hudson County06/15/1507/06/15
    M0439TAssistant Director Property Improvement Jersey City1) Jersey City; 2) Hudson County06/15/1507/06/15
    M0466TClerk 4 Jersey City1) Jersey City; 2) New Jersey06/23/1507/14/15
    M0462TPlumbing Inspector Lakewood1) Lakewood Township; 2) Ocean County06/18/1507/09/15
    M0465TFood Service Manager Millville School District1) Millville City; 2) Cumberland County; 3) Atlantic County, Cape May County, Gloucester County, Salem County06/23/1507/14/15
    M0468TTree Maintenance Worker 3 Moorestown1) Moorestown Township; 2) Burlington County; 3) Atlantic County, Camden County, Mercer County, Monmouth County, Ocean County; 4) New Jersey06/23/1507/14/15
    M0434TKeyboarding Clerk 2 Morristown1) Morristown Town; 2) Morris County06/15/1507/06/15
    M0430TSenior Food Service Worker Newark School District1) Newark City; 2) New Jersey06/15/1507/06/15
    M0443THousing Inspector Paterson1) Paterson City; 2) Passaic County06/16/1507/07/15
    C0485TCoordinator Of Nurse Examiners (Victims Of Sexual Assault Program) Salem County1) Salem County; 2) Gloucester County, Cumberland County06/25/1507/16/15
    C0497TJuvenile Detention Officer Union County1) Union County; 2) Essex County, Hudson County, Middlesex County, Morris County, Somerset County07/01/1507/22/15
    C0492TPsychiatric Social Worker Union County1) Union County; 2) Essex County, Hudson County, Middlesex County, Morris County, Somerset County06/29/1507/20/15
    M0539TSenior Building Maintenance Worker Union Twp1) Union Township; 2) Union County07/06/1507/27/15
    M0463TAssistant Public Health Coordinator West New York1) West New York Town; 2) Hudson County06/23/1507/14/15
    C0455TEmployment Specialist Atlantic CountyAtlantic County06/18/1507/09/15
    C0472TSenior Maintenance Repairer Plumber Bergen CountyBergen County06/23/1507/14/15
    M0484TLibrary Director OaklandBergen County06/25/1507/16/15
    C0474TChief Of Finance And Accounts Bergen CountyBergen County06/23/1507/14/15
    C0495THead Nurse Bergen CountyBergen County06/29/1507/20/15
    C0503TEarly Childhood Specialist Bergen CountyBergen County07/01/1507/22/15
    C0507TProject Manager Data Processing Bergen CountyBergen County07/06/1507/27/15
    C0508TProgram Coordinator Aging/Disabilities Bergen CountyBergen County07/06/1507/27/15
    C0438THeating And Air Conditioning Mechanic Burlington CountyBurlington County06/15/1507/06/15
    C0481TManager 1 Information Processing Burlington CountyBurlington County06/25/1507/16/15
    C0469TEngineering Aide Camden CountyCamden County06/23/1507/14/15
    C0431TSupervising Mechanic Camden CountyCamden County06/15/1507/06/15
    C0444TAnimal Keeper Zoo Instructional Program Cape May CountyCape May County06/16/1507/07/15
    C0452THeating And Air Conditioning Mechanic Cape May CountyCape May County06/16/1507/07/15
    C0471TLaboratory Technician Cape May CountyCape May County06/23/1507/14/15
    C0496TSocial Worker Nursing Home Cape May CountyCape May County06/29/1507/20/15
    M0480TCoordinator Of Long Term And Alternate Care For The Elderly East OrangeEast Orange City06/25/1507/16/15
    C0509TResearch Assistant Essex CountyEssex County07/06/1507/27/15
    M0446TElectrical Subcode Official HackensackHackensack City06/16/1507/07/15
    M0486TDeputy Registrar Of Vital Statistics Bilingual In Spanish And English HackensackHackensack City06/29/1507/20/15
    M0493TPlumbing Inspector HamiltonHamilton Township06/29/1507/20/15
    M0461TMechanic HillsideHillside Township06/16/1507/07/15
    M0540TCode Enforcement Officer HillsideHillside Township07/06/1507/27/15
    M0448TElectrician Jersey City School DistrictJersey City06/16/1507/07/15
    M0474TSupervisor Senior Citizen Outreach And Referral Program Jersey CityJersey City06/23/1507/14/15
    M0475TProgram Development Specialist Community Service Jersey CityJersey City06/23/1507/14/15
    M0459TMechanic LakewoodLakewood Township06/18/1507/09/15
    C0467THead Clinic Nurse Middlesex CountyMiddlesex County06/23/1507/14/15
    C0505TSupervising Housing Assistance Technician Middlesex CountyMiddlesex County07/01/1507/22/15
    M0478TManager Public Property MillvilleMillville City06/25/1507/16/15
    C0479TArchitect Monmouth CountyMonmouth County06/25/1507/16/15
    C0482TSenior Cost Estimator Property Improvement Monmouth CountyMonmouth County06/25/1507/16/15
    C0490TStorekeeper Automotive Morris CountyMorris County06/29/1507/20/15
    M0447TElectrician/Heating And Air Conditioning Mechanic JeffersonNew Jersey06/16/1507/07/15
    S0454TElectrician StateNew Jersey06/18/1507/09/15
    S0453TWelder StateNew Jersey06/18/1507/15/15
    M0458TTree Climber RahwayNew Jersey06/18/1507/09/15
    S0441TEngineering Technician 5 StateNew Jersey06/16/1507/07/15
    M0451TWater Treatment Plant Superintendent RidgewoodNew Jersey06/16/1507/07/15
    M0433TFire Prevention Specialist VernonNew Jersey06/15/1507/06/15
    S0494TConstruction Official StateNew Jersey06/29/1507/20/15
    Family Services Specialist Trainee (Bilingual - Spanish and English) (Non-Competitive)Department of Children and FamiliesNew Jersey06/04/1512/04/15
    Investigative Accountant 2 (Unclassified)State Commission of InvestigationNew Jersey06/19/1507/06/15
    Information Technology Specialist (Non-competitive)Office of Information TechnologyNew Jersey06/22/1507/07/15
    Software Development Specialist 1 (Non-competitive)Office of Information TechnologyNew Jersey06/22/1507/07/15
    Repairer (Non-competitive)Department of Children and FamiliesNew Jersey06/23/1507/07/15
    Bus Driver (Part-Time - 70%)Department of Children and FamiliesNew Jersey06/25/1507/09/15
    Bus Driver (Part-Time - 70%) InterimDepartment of Children and FamiliesNew Jersey06/25/1507/09/15
    M9999TFire Fighter All Local JurisdictionsNew Jersey07/01/1508/31/15
    Area Director (SES)Department of Children and FamiliesNew Jersey06/26/1507/09/15
    Director, Office of Training and Professional Development (Unclassified)Department of Children and FamiliesNew Jersey06/26/1507/17/15
    Analyst Trainee (Non-competitive)Department of Environmental ProtectionNew Jersey06/29/1507/13/15
    Planner Trainee (Non-competitive)Department of Environmental ProtectionNew Jersey06/29/1507/13/15
    Software Development Specialist 1 (Non-competitive)Office of Information TechnologyNew Jersey06/29/1507/14/15
    Intelligence Analyst 3 (Unclassified)New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and PreparednessNew Jersey07/02/1507/17/15
    Counter-Terrorism Watch Specialist (Part-time Temporary Service Employee)New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and PreparednessNew Jersey07/02/1507/24/15
    Bus Driver (Part-Time) Non-competitiveNew Jersey Department of Children and FamiliesNew Jersey07/02/1507/16/15
    Communication Operator Trainee (Non-competitive)New Jersey Department of Environmental ProtectionNew Jersey07/06/1507/20/15
    M0500THousing Inspector North BergenNorth Bergen Twp and Jersey City07/01/1507/22/15
    M0501TMechanic North BergenNorth Bergen Twp and Jersey City07/01/1507/22/15
    C0470TAdministrative Clerk Passaic CountyPassaic County06/23/1507/14/15
    M0442TCourt Interpreter In Spanish & English/Municipal Court Attendant Bilingual In Spanish & English PatersonPaterson City06/16/1507/07/15
    M0449TPublic Safety Telecommunicator PlainfieldPlainfield City06/16/1507/07/15
    M0450TPublic Safety Telecommunicator Bilingual In Spanish And English PlainfieldPlainfield City06/16/1507/07/15
    M0460TBuilding Inspector/Fire Protection Inspector SayrevilleResidents of Middlesex County and Union County06/18/1507/09/15
    C0432TPublic Health Nurse Sussex CountySussex County06/15/1507/06/15
    C0477TLegal Secretary Sussex CountySussex County06/25/1507/16/15
    M0502TAssistant Superintendent Of Recreation Union TwpUnion Township07/01/1507/22/15
    M0445TTree Climber Electric Utility VinelandVineland City06/16/1507/07/15
    M0476TClerk 2 VinelandVineland City06/23/1507/14/15
    M0532TComputer Service Technician VinelandVineland City06/29/1507/20/15

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