2023 Firefighter Examination Results – Look Up Page
On April 20, 2023, municipal Firefighter lists will issue. The lists themselves will NOT be posted on the Civil Service Commission (CSC) website’s usual location, but individual candidates can use their applicant identification number to see their final average score and rank on each list for which they are eligible.
Passing candidates may appear on multiple municipal Firefighter lists dependent upon where they live (based on local residency ordinances and anticipated hiring needs).
Candidates who are on multiple lists will have varying ranks (based on the candidate population in each jurisdiction) and in some cases different scores (if the candidate received additional volunteer points for being an active volunteer in a combination department for which they are eligible). In jurisdictions where a candidate did not volunteer, the candidate would not receive any additional points, so this candidate would have two different scores, one for the combination (volunteer) jurisdiction and another score for jurisdictions where they did not volunteer. Only candidates in volunteer/combination fire departments listed in the 2022 Firefighter Fact Sheet as approved for volunteer credit can receive extra points as long as they satisfy all of the criteria. The 2022 Firefighter Fact Sheet can be found at Entry-Level Public Safety Titles (
If your name is certified to an appointing authority (AA), a Certification Notice (CN) will be sent to the mailing address you listed on your application. Therefore, you MUST notify the CSC directly if your mailing address changes from the one you entered on your application. If you receive a CN in the mail, you will be given five business days from the notice date to respond in writing to the AA that you are interested, or not interested, in the job. If you do not respond within this timeframe, your name will be removed from the certification and you will no longer be considered for appointment.
After you respond to a CN that you are interested, you will receive an email from that will have the Firefighter PPT Medical Clearance Form attached. You will be scheduled to take the PPT via the email address that you used to apply for the written examination. Once you are scheduled to take the PPT, you must report on your scheduled test date and time, with all required materials. Otherwise you will be removed from ALL Firefighter eligible lists. Please check your spam folder and/or add the email address to your safe-sender list.
Firefighter Examination: Candidate Scores
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For additional information related to the Firefighter hiring process, refer to the various links on CSC’s website at Entry-Level Public Safety Titles (
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