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The New Jersey Civil Service Commission updates this page daily. Note the closing date for submitting applications. If the announcement is opened to residents of more than one jurisdiction, the eligible list will be ranked according to that sequence. Click here for additional information.

Most Announcements will remain on this page for at least two weeks. Filing instructions are provided with each announcement and state how and where to apply. Click on the icon in the list below to obtain the complete Job Announcement.

If you file an application and are not a resident of the jurisdictions(s) listed in the "Open to residents of" field on the announcement, you will be found ineligible and your application fee will not be refunded.

If you change your mailing address or email address, you must notify the CSC immediately in writing. Click here.

Customer Care and Technical Support: If you are having difficulty submitting your application online, customer care and technical support are available during regular business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST, Monday - Friday, excluding holidays and emergency closings. Please Email: or call (609) 292-4144. Please note that application support requests received outside regular business hours on the closing date will not change the application filing deadline so PLEASE FILE EARLY.
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    S0852UClinical Nutritionist South Woods State Prison(1) Bridgeton City; (2) Cumberland and Salem Counties; (3) Cape May County; (4) New Jersey10/28/1611/18/16
    M0853UWater And Sewer Utilities Superintendent Moorestown(1) Moorestown Township; (2) Burlington County; (3) Atlantic County, Camden County, Mercer County, Monmouth County, Ocean County10/28/1611/18/16
    M0841UMaintenance Superintendent Asbury Park1) Asbury Park City 2) Monmouth County10/25/1611/15/16
    C0787UCounselor Juvenile Family Crisis Intervention Bergen County1) Bergen County 2) Essex County, Hudson County, Passaic County 3) New Jersey10/13/1611/03/16
    M0793UConstruction Official Buena1) Buena Borough 2) Atlantic County 3) Burlington County, Cape May County, Camden County, Cumberland County, Gloucester County, Ocean County10/13/1611/03/16
    C0827UEmployment Counselor Cumberland County1) Cumberland County 2) Atlantic County, Cape May County, Gloucester County, Salem County10/24/1611/14/16
    M0830UZoning Officer East Orange1) East Orange City 2) Essex County10/24/1611/14/16
    M0805UElectrical Inspector Hamilton1) Hamilton Township 2) Mercer County 3) Burlington County, Hunterdon County, Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Somerset County 4) New Jersey10/19/1611/09/16
    C0833UAnalyst Grant Applications/Program Monitor Hudson County1) Hudson County 2) Bergen County, Essex County, Union County 3) New Jersey10/25/1611/15/16
    M0792UAssistant Engineer Linden1) Linden City 2) New Jersey10/13/1611/03/16
    M0786UMechanic Lindenwold1) Lindenwold Borough 2) Camden County10/13/1611/03/16
    C0801UFire Instructor Morris County1) Morris County 2) Essex County, Hunterdon County, Passaic County, Somerset County, Sussex County, Union County, Warren County10/14/1611/04/16
    M0783UWater Treatment Plant Superintendent New Brunswick1) New Brunswick City 2) Middlesex County10/24/1611/14/16
    M0846UCode Enforcement Officer Ocean City1) Ocean City 2) Cape May County10/26/1611/16/16
    M0824UComplaint Investigator Passaic1) Passaic City 2) Passaic County 3) Bergen County, Essex County, Morris County, Sussex County10/20/1611/10/16
    M0798UFire Prevention Specialist Paterson1) Paterson City 2) Passaic County10/14/1611/04/16
    M0799UBuilding Subcode Official Paterson1) Paterson City 2) Passaic County10/14/1611/04/16
    M0795UElectrical Subcode Official Paterson1) Paterson City 2) Passaic County 3) Bergen County, Essex County, Morris County, Sussex County10/13/1611/03/16
    M0315UFire Prevention Specialist Pennsauken Twp1) Pennsauken Township 2) Camden County10/07/1610/28/16
    M0829UBuilding Subcode Official Vineland1) Vineland City 2) Cumberland County10/24/1611/14/16
    M0823ULibrary Director Woodbridge1) Woodbridge Township 2) Middlesex County10/20/1611/10/16
    C0791UEnvironmental Therapy Aide Atlantic CountyAtlantic County10/13/1611/03/16
    C0813USocial Worker Atlantic CountyAtlantic County10/20/1611/10/16
    C0817UTechnical Support Specialist 1 Atlantic CountyAtlantic County10/20/1611/10/16
    C0819URight To Know Project Specialist Atlantic CountyAtlantic County10/24/1611/14/16
    C0820UHeavy Equipment Operator Atlantic CountyAtlantic County10/20/1611/10/16
    C0851USupervisor Of Nurses Atlantic CountyAtlantic County10/26/1611/16/16
    C0804UCarpenter Bergen CountyBergen County10/19/1611/09/16
    C0803UResearch Assistant Bergen CountyBergen County10/19/1611/09/16
    C0848UCoordinator Of Volunteers Bergen CountyBergen County10/26/1611/16/16
    C0849ULegal Secretary Bergen CountyBergen County10/26/1611/16/16
    C0850USocial Service Technician Bergen CountyBergen County10/26/1611/16/16
    C0785UEarly Childhood Specialist Bergen CountyBergen County10/07/1610/28/16
    M0794UFire Prevention Specialist BrickBrick Township10/13/1611/03/16
    M0789URecords Support Technician 2 Burlington TwpBurlington Township10/13/1611/03/16
    C0750UTechnical Assistant Management Information Systems Camden CountyCamden County10/19/1611/09/16
    C0832UElectrician Camden CountyCamden County10/24/1611/14/16
    C0815UCounty Emergency Management Planner Cape May CountyCape May County10/20/1611/10/16
    C0779UDirector Of Public Health Nursing Service Cumberland CountyCumberland County10/07/1610/28/16
    C0826USecretarial Assistant Bilingual In Spanish And English Essex CountyEssex County10/24/1611/14/16
    M0854ULibrarian 2 GarfieldGarfield City10/28/1611/18/16
    M0831UAdministrative Director Of Nursing HamiltonHamilton Township10/24/1611/14/16
    C0834UAssistant Supervisor Building Service Hudson CountyHudson County10/25/1611/15/16
    C0835UField Representative Senior Citizens Program Hudson CountyHudson County10/25/1611/15/16
    C0836UProgram Coordinator Aging/Disabilities Hudson CountyHudson County10/25/1611/15/16
    C0788UHead Nurse Hudson CountyHudson County10/13/1611/03/16
    C0816UBuyer Hunterdon CountyHunterdon County10/20/1611/10/16
    C0845USocial Work Supervisor Hunterdon CountyHunterdon County10/26/1611/16/16
    M0791UBuilding Inspector Jersey CityJersey City10/13/1611/03/16
    M0814UPlumber Jersey CityJersey City10/20/1611/10/16
    C0790UCommunity Interpreter Bilingual In Spanish And English Middlesex CountyMiddlesex County10/13/1611/03/16
    M0811UWater Meter Inspector/Water Meter Repairer MillvilleMillville City10/19/1611/09/16
    M0839USupervisor Of Garage Services Parsippany Troy HillsMorris, Passaic, Sussex, Essex, Somerset, Hunterdon, Union, and Warren10/25/1611/15/16
    M0840UCounselor Juvenile Family Crisis Intervention Parsippany Troy HillsMorris, Passaic, Sussex, Essex, Somerset, Hunterdon, Union, and Warren10/25/1611/15/16
    Family Services Specialist Trainee Bilingual in Spanish and English (Non-competitive)New Jersey Department of Children and FamiliesNew Jersey05/03/1612/31/16
    M0856UDeputy Municipal Court Administrator West OrangeNew Jersey10/28/1611/18/16
    S0802UField Representative Housing Housing Assistance Program StateNew Jersey10/14/1611/04/16
    S0807UBoarding Home Evaluator Facilities StateNew Jersey10/19/1611/09/16
    S0857USenior Safety Inspector Transportation StateNew Jersey10/28/1611/18/16
    C0822USocial Worker Somerset CountyNew Jersey10/20/1611/10/16
    C0777UHuman Services Specialist 1 Bilingual In Spanish And English Somerset CountyNew Jersey10/07/1610/28/16
    C0776UHuman Services Specialist 1 Somerset CountyNew Jersey10/07/1610/28/16
    S0806UConstruction Code Inspector 2 StateNew Jersey10/19/1611/09/16
    S0828USubstance Abuse Counselor 2 Mental Health/Alcoholism Services StateNew Jersey10/24/1611/14/16
    S0858UAgricultural Resource Specialist 1 StateNew Jersey10/28/1611/18/16
    S0842UChemist 2 StateNew Jersey10/25/1611/15/16
    S0843UPrincipal Medical Technologist StateNew Jersey10/26/1611/16/16
    S0844UProgram Manager Disease Prevention/Control StateNew Jersey10/26/1611/16/16
    Data Miner/Medical Review Analyst (Unclassified)New Jersey Office of the State ComptrollerNew Jersey10/04/1611/02/16
    Auditor (Unclassified)New Jersey Office of the State ComptrollerNew Jersey10/04/1611/02/16
    Analyst Trainee (Non-competitive)New Jersey Department of Environmental ProtectionNew Jersey10/14/1610/28/16
    Public Safety Telecommunicator Trainee (Non-competitive)Linden CityNew Jersey10/14/1611/04/16
    Physician Specialist 1 (2 positions (Unclassified)New Jersey Department of Human ServicesNew Jersey10/14/1610/28/16
    Analyst Trainee (Non-competitive)New Jersey Department of the TreasuryNew Jersey10/17/1611/13/16
    Assistant Legal Counsel, NJELEC (Unclassified)New Jersey Election Law Enforcement CommissionNew Jersey10/17/1611/04/16
    Deputy Executive Director (Unclassified)New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce DevelopmentNew Jersey10/18/1611/01/16
    Deputy Attorney General 2 (Unclassified)New Jersey Department of Law and Public SafetyNew Jersey10/19/1611/02/16
    Deputy Attorney General 4 (Unclassified)New Jersey Department of Law and Public SafetyNew Jersey10/19/1611/02/16
    Staff AccountantNew Jersey Educational Facilities AuthorityNew Jersey10/07/1612/05/16
    Environmental Compliance Inspector (Unclassified)New Jersey Department of TransportationNew Jersey10/19/1611/02/16
    Bus Driver (Part-Time - 70%) InterimNew Jersey Department of Children and FamiliesNew Jersey10/20/1611/03/16
    Teacher 1, 12 Months (Unclassified) or Teacher 2, 12 Months (Unclassified)New Jersey Department of Children and FamiliesNew Jersey10/20/1611/03/16
    Counsel 2 (Unclassified)New Jersey State Commission of InvestigationNew Jersey10/21/1611/11/16
    Teacher 1, 12 Months (Unclassified) or Teacher 2, 12 MonthsNew Jersey Department of Children and FamiliesNew Jersey10/21/1611/04/16
    Managing Actuary (Unclassified)New Jersey Department of Banking and InsuranceNew Jersey10/20/1611/21/16
    Deputy Attorney General 2 (Unclassified)New Jersey Department of Law and Public SafetyNew Jersey10/25/1611/08/16
    M0033UEmployee Benefits Specialist Newark School DistrictNewark City10/14/1611/04/16
    M0778UDirector Of Public Health Nursing Service NewarkNewark City10/07/1610/28/16
    M0847UFire Prevention Specialist NewarkNewark City10/26/1611/16/16
    M0838UDirector Office Of The Handicapped North BergenNorth Bergen Twp and Jersey City10/25/1611/15/16
    C0821UProgram Monitor Ocean CountyOcean County10/20/1611/10/16
    C0775UHuman Services Specialist 1 Passaic CountyPassaic County10/07/1610/28/16
    M0808UCommunity Relations Specialist PatersonPaterson City10/19/1611/09/16
    M0809UCarpenter PatersonPaterson City10/19/1611/09/16
    M0810USocial Worker PatersonPaterson City10/19/1611/09/16
    M0797UManager 1 Information Processing PlainfieldPlainfield City10/14/1611/04/16
    M0781UAssistant Supervisor Public Works RoselleRoselle Borough10/07/1610/28/16
    M0855UMaintenance Worker 3 Grounds South OrangeSouth Orange Village Township10/28/1611/18/16
    M0796UBuilding Inspector South PlainfieldSouth Plainfield Borough10/13/1611/03/16
    C0825UCoordinator Of Nurse Examiners (Victims Of Sexual Assault Program) Union CountyUnion County10/24/1611/14/16
    C0837UWork Program Specialist 1 Union CountyUnion County10/25/1611/15/16
    M0784USewer Repairer 1 WildwoodWildwood City10/07/1610/28/16

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