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Individual Salary Adjustment (17)


An Individual Salary Adjustment Request is used to adjust the base salary of an individual.  The adjustment may be requested for the following reasons:

  • An SAC action
  • To increase a trainee’s salary
  • An SAM action
  • An increase under salary regulation
  • A title reevaluation


  • NOTE:  The Individual Salary Adjustment screen is used to adjust salaries; it is NOT used to request lump sum payments.

Individual Salary Adjustment does not include increases due to promotion, changes in hours of work from full-time to part-time, or a decrease in salary due to demotion.  These changes should be done via a Change in Compensation Method or Demotion transaction.



From the Menu Bar, select New Transaction.  The Select Transaction screen will display.  From the “Select Transaction” drop-down menu, select 17-Individual Salary Adjustment.  A new, blank Employee ID field will display.

Type the employee’s Employee ID number.



If the Employee ID number is not known, click the LOOK UP button.  An EMPLOYEE ID LOOKUP WINDOW will open.

  • To search by Social Security Number, position the cursor on the EMPLOYEE SSN field and type the employee’s SSN.  Dashes and/or spaces are not permitted.


  • To search by Name, position the cursor on the LAST NAME field.  Type all or part of the employee’s last name.  The employee’s first name may also be entered to narrow the search.

Click the SEARCH button.  One or more employee records will display.  In the SELECT column, click on the box next to the desired employee.  The user will return to the Select Transaction screen, and the Employee ID field will be populated.

The system will default to the current date as the transaction Effective Date.

  • If this date is correct, click SUBMIT.


  • If this date is not correct, open the calendar and select the correct date.  Click SUBMIT.


The Individual Salary Adjustment (17) screen will display.



When the screen displays, the fields in the CURRENT section will be populated automatically with the employee’s most recent employment information.  These fields are not keyable.



The following fields on the Individual Salary Adjustment (17) screen require input by the user at all times:

* Base Salary

* Special Authorization

* Request Reason Code

* Comments


  1. BASE SALARY – This is a required field that indicates the employee’s base salary.  The salary should be entered in numeric format with no comma or dollar sign.

  2. EXTRA SALARY – This field indicates that an employee is to be paid extra money in addition to the amount specified in the BASE SALARY field.  If applicable, enter the amount in numeric format with no comma or dollar sign.

  3. TOTAL SALARY – This field is system-calculated by adding the BASE SALARY and EXTRA SALARY fields.

  4. REQUEST REASON CODE – This is a required field.  From the drop-down menu, select the reason for the Salary Adjustment.  Valid Request Reason Codes are as follows:

    • ATB (Across the Board)
    • CBR (Collective Bargaining)
    • OPT (Optional)
    • OTH (Other)
    • SFT  (Shift)

  5. EFFECTIVE DATE – This is a display-only field that indicates the date that the Individual Salary Adjustment was effective.

  6. SPECIAL AUTHORIZATION – This is a free-form field that is required for Individual Salary Adjustments.  Type the reason for the salary adjustment.

  7. COMMENTS – This is a required field.  Enter any text that may clarify or support the request.

  8. PRIOR COMMENTS – This is a display-only field.  All text previously entered in the Comments field will be automatically moved to the Prior Comments field after the transaction record is submitted.  The system will capture and display the Logon ID of the user and the date and time that the comment was submitted.

After completing all the necessary fields, select one of the following:

  • SUBMIT will edit the data entered.  If any errors exist, the appropriate error message will display at the top of the screen.  The user must correct the identified error(s) and click SUBMIT again.

Because Individual Salary Adjustments are auto-approved, the action will immediately show in the inventory with a status of “Approved,” and will also display in the employee’s history.

  • SAVE will not perform any edits on the data entered.  The transaction will be moved to inventory with a status of “Incomplete.”  It may then be accessed from the inventory and finalized at a later time.

  • DELETE is an appointing authority function that is only available if the inventory status is “Future” or “Incomplete” (the record has been “Saved” instead of “Submitted”).  The appointing authority may access the record from the inventory and delete the entire transaction.
  • CANCEL will cancel the current transaction and return the user to their Home Page.  All information previously entered will be discarded.


The following fields are reserved for Civil Service Commission use only.

  • DOCUMENT RECEIVED (DPF31’s) – This field is used only for Discipline transactions.  It is not required for Individual Salary Adjustments.

  • CERTIFIED SIGNATURE RECEIVED – A check in this field indicates that the Civil Service Commission received any necessary documentation from the appointing authority.