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Job Specification



 Under  direction  assists the water superintendent  in  planning,
 organizing,  directing, and coordinating all activities  involved
 in  the operation, maintenance, and management of a water system;
 does other related duties as required.

 NOTE: The  examples of work for this title are for  illustrative
 purposes  only.  A particular position using this title  may  not
 perform all duties listed in this job specification.  Conversely,
 all duties performed on the job may not be listed.


 May  direct  and  coordinate activities  of  workers  engaged  in
 installation,  maintenance, repair, expansion, and relocation  of
 water distribution facilities.

 May  analyze trends, such as population and industrial growth  of
 area  being  served, to determine adequacy of current  facilities
 and to project community demands for future facilities.

 May  develop  plans to meet and serve expanding  community  needs
 such  as  increasing  capacity of water  storage  and  filtration
 facilities or arranging new sources of water supply.

 May  plan  methods  and  sequence  of  operations  to  facilitate
 additions, deletions, and modifications to the system.

 May   direct  activities  of  staff   who  oversee  installation,
 maintenance, and repair of water distribution facilities.

 May   inspect   field   projects  to   confirm   conformance   to

 Confers with administrative and technical personnel and personnel
 of other utilities to coordinate activities.

 Evaluates new developments in materials, tools, and equipment  to
 recommend or deny purchase.

 May prepare budget estimates based on anticipated needs.

 May  plan  and coordinate activities of workers in operation  and
 maintenance of water system to ensure adequate water  supply  for
 human consumption and industrial or agricultural use.

 May  schedule and coordinate activities concerned with processing
 and distributing water.

 Assigns   personnel   to  shifts  to  operate   treatment   plant

 May  prepare  plans  and  specifications  for  new  equipment  or
 modification   of   existing  equipment   to   affect   increased
 operational capacity or efficiency.

 Reviews and evaluates water reports, records, logs, and graphs to
 confirm adequacy of present and projected water needs.

 May  prepare  reports concerned with chemical and bacteriological
 analyses  of  water  for administrative purposes  and  government

 May  supervise the establishment, development, and  execution  of
 effective   work  plans  and  procedures  for  the  construction,
 maintenance,   repair,   and   inspection   of   water    service

 Gives  assignments and instructions to staff and supervises their

 Retains  liaison  between the water maintenance  unit  and  other
 government units.

 Takes  the  lead  in  developing the work program,  the  internal
 organization,  and the operation procedures for  the  inspection,
 maintenance, repair and construction of water installations.

 Lays out work to be done, decides on the method of approach,  and
 makes assignments.

 May  make  plans for effective use of available funds, personnel,
 equipment, and materials.

 Makes  recommendations  for  the  improvement  of  processes  and
 techniques used.

 Helps  to  determine factors that cause unnecessarily high  costs
 and delays in making needed repairs.

 May  supervise  the  preparation of  department  fiscal  reports,
 current and delinquent water bills, records of consumer accounts,
 and other financial reports.

 Receives  complaints and requests for repairs and takes  remedial

 Prepares reports.

 Acknowledges and replies to correspondence.

 Supervises  the  obtaining, storage,  safeguarding,  and  use  of
 needed equipment, materials, and supplies.

 Will  be required to learn to utilize various types of electronic
 and/or  manual  recording and information  systems  used  by  the
 agency, office, or related units.



      Four  (4) years of experience in the maintenance, operation,
 and repair of a water distribution and/or water treatment system,
 three  (3)  years  of  which shall have  been  in  a  supervisory


      Appointee  must  possess  a  current/valid  license  of  the
 appropriate  class  to operate a public waster  treatment  system
 and/or  public  water  distribution  system  issued  by  the   NJ
 Department of Environmental Protection.

      Appointees  will  be required to possess a driver=s  license
 valid  in  New Jersey only if the operation of a vehicle,  rather
 than  employee mobility, is necessary to perform essential duties
 of the position.


 Knowledge of financial, personal, and technical problems involved
 in  developing/executing  the work program  for  the  inspection,
 repair, maintenance, and construction of a water system.

 Knowledge  of the established internal organization of the  water
 department after a period of training.
 Knowledge  of the operations, procedures, and processes  used  in
 the repair and maintenance of water installations.

 Knowledge  of the uses of varied types of specialized  tools  and

 Ability  to  organize  assigned work and develop  effective  work

 Ability  to  give  assignments  and instructions  to  individuals
 engaged  in  water facilities repair and maintenance  activities,
 provide them with needed advice/assistance when difficult/unusual
 problems  arise,  and  check  their  work  to  see  that   proper
 procedures and followed, that reasonable standards of workmanship
 and  output  are  maintained,  and that  desired  objectives  are

 Ability  to  see that trucks and other mechanical  equipment  are
 properly cared for.

 Ability to direct the opening and closing of streets, the tapping
 of  water  mains,  pipes, gates, hydrants, and  valves,  and  the
 installation of new mains and appurtenance.

 Ability to work harmoniously with others.

 Ability  to receive complaints from water consumers and  to  take
 remedial action.

 Ability to assist in the preparation of budget estimates.

 Ability to supervise the establishment of records and files.

 Ability  to  utilize  various types of electronic  and/or  manual
 recording and information systems used by the agency, office,  or
 related units.

 Ability  to  read, write, speak, understand, and  communicate  in
 English   sufficiently  to  perform  duties  of  this   position.
 American  Sign  Language or Braille may  also  be  considered  as
 acceptable forms of  communication.

 Persons with mental or physical disabilities are eligible as long
 as  they  can  perform  essential  functions  of  the  job  after
 reasonable accommodation is made to their known limitations.   If
 the  accommodation  cannot be made because  it  would  cause  the
 employer undue hardship, such persons may not be eligible.

This job specification is applicable to the following title code:
Local or
Class of
00816LC N/A11-

This job specification is for local government use only.
Salary range is only applicable to state government.
Local salaries are established by individual local jurisdictions.