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Job Specification



 Under direction, plans and implements the arboricultural programs
 for  a  municipality  or a commission, and supervises  activities
 required to accomplish the program objectives; does other related
 duties as required.

 NOTE: The  examples of work for this title are for illustrative
 purposes  only.  A particular position using this title  may  not
 perform all duties listed in this job specification.  Conversely,
 all duties performed on the job may not be listed.


 Develops   and  carries  out  programs  for  beautification   and
 conservation of assigned areas by cultivation and preservation of
 trees and shrubs, and by removal of undesirable arboreal growths.

 Utilizes trees and shrubbery to improve appearance and shading of
 grounds and buildings, and to combat erosion by wind and water.

 Lectures  and  holds  discussions with various  civic  groups  on
 arboricultural matters.

 Prepares  articles  to  keep the public  informed  about  subject

 Keeps abreast with significant developments in arboriculture  and
 related fields.

 Determines the best available species of trees or shrubbery for a
 particular location or function.

 Selects  and/or  negotiates the purchase of  specific  trees  and

 Supervises   activities  concerned  with  planting,   care,   and
 maintenance of arboreous plants or their removal.

 Instructs  personnel  engaged  in  activities  concerning  proper
 techniques   for   planting,  fertilizing,  trimming,   grafting,
 spraying,  and performing other tasks pertinent to  the  care  of
 trees and shrubs.

 Inspects trees and shrubs to check their development and discover
 signs  of damage, blight, or other tree disease, and evidence  of
 attack by fungi, insects, and wildlife.

 Determines  causes  and  extent of injury  to  plants  and  takes
 measures to rectify the situation.

 Where  the use of poisonous and irritating chemicals is necessary
 to  protect  plants, ensures that these dangerous  materials  are
 handled and applied properly.

 When  responsible for the care of park forests, reservations,  or
 watersheds,  may  develop  and execute programs  for  maintaining
 waterways  and  other  water resources in  good  order,  and  for
 managing the preservation or control of fish and wildlife in  the

 Initiates fire prevention and fire control activities.

 Participates   in   preparation   of   budgets,   and    prepares
 specifications  for equipment, materials, and supplies  pertinent
 to the operation.

 Requisitions  and  supervises  the  storage,  safeguarding,   and
 utilization of equipment, materials, and supplies.

 Answers correspondence.

 Prepares reports.

 Maintains records and files.

 Will  be required to learn to utilize various types of electronic
 and/or  manual  recording and information  systems  used  by  the
 agency, office, or related units.



 Graduation from an accredited college or university  with  a
 Bachelor's degree in Forestry,  Arboriculture, or Agriculture.


 Three  (3)  years of experience in the planting,  care,  and
 maintenance of trees and shrubbery.


 Appointees  will  be required to possess a driver's license
 valid in New Jersey only if the operation of a vehicle, rather
 than  employee mobility, is necessary to perform essential 
 duties of the position.


 Knowledge of principles and techniques concerned with cultivation
 and preservation of trees and shrubbery.

 Knowledge  of the utilization of trees and shrubbery  to  enhance
 appearance  of  grounds  and buildings, and  in  the  control  or
 erosion by wind and water.

 Knowledge  of  diseases,  insects, and fungi  which  can  afflict
 arboreous  plants,  and of the control or  elimination  of  these

 Knowledge  of  equipment,  material, and  supplies  pertinent  to
 planting, care, and maintenance of trees and shrubbery.

 Ability  to  plan  and  implement  arboricultural  programs   for
 beautification and erosion control.

 Ability   to  analyze  problems  in  the  planting,   care,   and
 maintenance of trees and shrubbery.

 Ability  to develop effective work methods, give assignments  and
 instructions to subordinates, and provide them with needed advice
 and assistance.

 Ability to meet with the public and discuss matters pertaining to
 the above mentioned programs.

 Ability  to  utilize  various types of electronic  and/or  manual
 recording and information systems used by the agency, office,  
 or related units.

 Ability  to  read, write, speak, understand, and  communicate  in
 English   sufficiently  to  perform  duties  of  this   position.
 American  Sign  Language or Braille may  also  be  considered  
 as acceptable forms of  communication.

 Persons with mental or physical disabilities are eligible as long
 as  they  can  perform  essential  functions  of  the  job  after
 reasonable accommodation is made to their known limitations.   
 If the accommodation cannot be made because it would cause
 the employer undue hardship, such persons may not be eligible.

 This job specification is applicable to the following title code:
Local or
Class of
01870LC N/A26-

This job specification is for local government use only.
Salary range is only applicable to state government.
Local salaries are established by individual local jurisdictions.

RKR   12/02/1997