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Job Specification



 Under  direction,  investigates deaths  reported  to  the  County
 Medical   Examiner's   Officer;  collects  information,   medical
 specimens,  documentation, and other data relevant to the  matter
 of  the  decedent's  demise for the medical examiner  to  use  in
 determining the cause and manner of death; does related  work  as

 NOTE: The definition and examples of work for this title are for
 illustrative  purposes only.  A particular  position  using  this
 title   may   not  perform  all  duties  listed   in   this   job
 specification.  Conversely, all duties performed on the  job  may
 not be listed.


 Visits scene of death and gathers essential facts concerning  the
 medical cause of death.

 Interviews witnesses and prepares full descriptions of the  death
 scene  and statements of witnesses.

 Examines  the  body  of  the deceased at the  death  scene,   and
 observes the appearance of the body; notes any information  which
 may   be  relevant  determining  the  time,  cause,  manner,   or
 circumstances of death.

 Gathers samples of relevant materials at death scene for  use  in
 conducting toxicological examinations.

 In  the  absence  of  a police officer and  next  of  kin,  takes
 possession  of  all  property of value  found  on  the  deceased,
 prepares  an  exact  inventory  of  items,  and  labels  personal
 effects, evidence, and specimens as required and transports  same
 back to the county morgue or medical examiner's office.

 Takes  possession of any objects or articles which may be  useful
 in establishing cause of death.

 Transports  bodies  by  motor  vehicle  to  the  county   medical
 examiner's office for examination.

 Recommends  release of bodies or the need for  medical  or  legal
 autopsy on the basis of preliminary investigation.

 Takes photographs of the body and death scene.

 May make pronouncement of death of persons who die unattended  
 by a physician if legally qualified to do so.

 Obtains  records  and reports from police departments  and  other
 agencies needed by the medical examiner to fully investigate  the

 Prepares body for autopsy and assists the medical examiner in the

 Takes and preserves tissue samples.

 Prepares  standard solutions and preforms routine tests  of  body

 Will  be required to learn to utilize various types of electronic
 and/or manual recording  and  information  systemsused  by  
 the agency, office, or related units.



 Three  (3) years of experience in investigating the medical
 cause of death of humans.

 NOTE: Successful completion of thirty (30) hours of
 instruction  in death investigation conducted by or sponsored  by
 the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, the American Society  of
 Clinical Pathologists, the College of American Pathologists,  the
 National  Association of Medical Examiners, or an institution  of
 higher  education or other agency approved by the  State  Medical
 Examiner  may  be  substituted for one (1) year of  the  required

 NOTE: Where  the  duties of a particular position  involve
 making  a  determination  of   and the  pronouncement  of  death,
 appointees will be required to possess either:

 A current and valid registration as a professional nurse in the 
 State of New Jersey


 A current  and valid license to practice medicine in the State of
 New Jersey.


 Appointees  will be required to possess a driver's  license
 valid in New Jersey only if the operation of a vehicle, rather
 than employee mobility, is necessary to perform the essential
 duties of the position.


 Knowledge  of  anatomy,  physiology, and medicine  sufficient  to
 elicit  pertinent  medical history to help  determine  a  medical
 cause of death.

 Ability to compose clear written reports of observations made  
 at the death scene and in subsequent investigations.

 Ability  to  interview  witnesses,  medical  professionals, and
 bereaved families in the course of investigations.

 Ability to use tact an courtesy in conducting investigations.

 Ability  to  make  accurate  and pertinent  observations  of  the
 appearance of a deceased used in determining time, cause, 
 manner, and circumstances of death.

 Ability  to  learn to utilize various types of electronic  and/or
 manual recording  and information systems used  by  the  
 agency, office, or  related units.

 Ability to read,  write, speak, understand, or communicate in
 English  sufficiently  to perform the duties  of  this  position.
 American Sign Language or Braille may also be considered  
 as acceptable forms of  communication.

 Persons  with  mental or physical disabilities  are  eligible  as
 long  as they can perform the essential functions ofthe job after
 reasonable accommodation is made to their known limitations.   
 If the accommodation cannot be made because it  would cause
 the employer undue  hardship, such persons may not be eligible.
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