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Job Specification



Under direction, in the Department of Education, supervises the analysis, 
establishment, and administration of operating  and grants-in-aid budgets 
for state, federal, and other funding  sources; analyzes management practices 
and financial controls in order  to assess their adequacy to implement 
education plans and increase  program efficiency and cost savings; 
supervises the development of  education programming by conducting 
analyses and evaluation of  educational programs, surveys, needs 
assessments, and program fiscal  data related to state and federal formula 
aid and discretionary grant  applications and allocations; and/or supervises 
the design and management of research studies related to school funding 
areas; and/or supervises the monitoring of all financial areas for school 
districts; performs mandated regulatory functions; works with a high level 
of independence; supervises staff and work activities; prepares and signs 
official performance evaluations for subordinate staff; does related work as 

NOTE:  The examples of work for this title are for illustrative purposes only.  
A particular position using this title may not perform all duties listed in this 
job specification.  Conversely, all duties performed on the job may not be 

Plan, organize, and assign the work of the organizational unit and evaluate 
employee performance and conduct, enabling the effective recommendation 
of the hiring, firing, promoting, and disciplining of subordinates.

Supervise the design and implementation of evaluation instruments to analyze 
effectiveness of education services in local school districts and intermediate 
and regional units.

Supervises the analysis of the management systems and financial controls 
in order to assess their adequacy to implement education plans and to 
increase program efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Supervise the monitoring, review, analysis, and approval of lease purchase 
and bond fund transactions for school districts.

Supervise the review or review applications for extension of credit and 
recommend approval or disapproval.

Supervise the review or review to ensure that lease purchase and bonding 
transactions of school districts meet generally accepted accounting standards.

Supervise the review or recommend bond forms and requirements from 
various entities for lease/purchase of school facilities.

Supervise the review or review and recommend approval or disapproval 
of terms of lease/purchase agreements and extension of credit applications.

Supervise the conductor conduct hearings on school lease/purchase 
agreements and refinancing or defeasance applications.

Develop and maintain operating budget and financial controls for the 
school districts, programs and/or the department.

Develop cost estimates for proposed programs for the school districts, 
programs and/or the department.

Supervise the monitoring or monitor the acquisition and disbursal of 
education grants.

Determine impact on educational programming from changes in funding, 
personnel, programs, or services.

Supervise the establishing and the maintenance of effective work 
communications with county offices and regional units to ensure 
education programs are being met.

Supervise the auditing of program records and finances.

Establish and administer operating and grants-in-aid budgets and 
expenditures for state, federal, and other non-state funding sources.

Supervise the review and/or conduct financial and compliance review 
of accounts, financial transactions, and program outcomes.

Supervise the analysis of or analyze relevant state and federal laws and 
regulations and develop policy and program recommendations for their 

Establish and maintain liaison with education and public interest groups, 
to inform them of departmental activities and identify needs.

Supervise and/or research and analyze census, demographic, labor 
market, and technological data and establish education programs and 
plans to meet changing needs.

Ensure that technical assistance is provided to local programs and 
coordinate the development of education programs for funded 
agencies as needed.

Supervise the development of specialized programs for targeted 

Design and manage research studies of various school funding sources 
and related economic areas, such as cost analysis, school finance theory, 
fiscal resource measurement, school reform, and funding formulas.

Review, establish and determine priorities for education programs, 
services, and funding.

Supervise the ongoing maintenance of local district education goals 
and progress toward meeting these goals and recommend improvement
 in meeting goals.

Monitor the ongoing statewide implementation and evaluation of 
instructional programs and ensure adherence to federal law and 

Supervise the preparation of budgets and negotiation of terms and 
conditions of third party grants and contracts with local education 
agencies and other providers.

Supervise the development of funding criteria and competitive grant 
application procedures for awarding contracts to eligible agencies.

Will be required to learn to utilize various types of electronic and/or 
manual recording and computerized information systems used by 
the agency, office, or related units.



Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Master's 
degree in Public Administration, Educational Administration, Business 
Administration, Accounting, or a related field.

NOTE:  Possession of a valid Certificate as a Certified Public Accountant 
issued by the New Jersey State Board of Certified Public Accountants 
may be substituted for the Master's degree.


Five (5) years of professional experience in school business 
management/accounting or public or private sector budgeting, 
accounting, or auditing.


Appointee will be required to possess a driver's license valid in 
New Jersey only if the operation of a vehicle, rather than employee 
mobility, is necessary to perform the essential duties of the position.


Knowledge of the organization and structure of the New Jersey Education 

Knowledge of public education policy at the local, state, and federal levels.

Knowledge of state and federal laws, regulations, policies and procedures 
governing public sector budgeting, purchasing, accounting and/or auditing.

Knowledge of principles and practices for improving specialized education 
programming at the local level.  

Knowledge of State and Federal statutes and administrative codes as 
they apply to education.

Knowledge of state and federal program aid requirements.

Knowledge of legislation and guidelines related to funded programs.

Knowledge of the operational processes and practices of state agencies, 
including the fiscal system.

Knowledge of budgeting methods and principles.

Knowledge of cost-benefit analysis.

Knowledge of law and regulation regarding lease purchase agreements 
for school districts.

Knowledge of bonding and financing of capital projects.

Knowledge of principles and techniques of program monitoring and auditing.

Knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Procedures 

Knowledge of principles and practices of employee supervision.

Knowledge of principles and practices for providing education programming 
at the local level.

Knowledge of state school aid financing.

Knowledge of school funding formulas.

Ability to supervise assigned staff and plan, organize, and implement 
projects within the unit.

Ability to manage complex budgets and financial records.

Ability to apply guidelines and procedures to grant and aid allocation.

Ability to establish and maintain working and informational networks 
with education and public interest groups.

Ability to exercise leadership in program planning development with 
department staff, county offices, regional units and local school district 

Ability to coordinate plans and resources, and identify areas of potential 
problems or additional needs.

Ability to analyze data and prepare accurate reports of findings, conclusions, 
and recommendations.

Ability to prepare accurate documentation of budgetary needs.

Ability to interpret federal rules and regulations and develop a responsive 
plan for meeting special needs.

Ability to prepare extensive official correspondence.

Ability to coordinate program maintenance, fiscal reporting, other 
essential files.

Ability to develop school funding formulas.

Ability to conduct analytic research studies.

Ability to develop technical assistance materials.

Ability to plan and conduct regional and statewide in-service training 

Ability to synthesize needs assessment information into responsive 
program plans.

Ability to analyze state and federal labor projections and identify 
appropriate educational programs to meet these needs.

Ability to analyze trends and project future educational needs based 
on these trends.

Ability to maintain essential records, reports and files.

Ability to learn to utilize various types of electronic and/or manual 
recording and information systems used by the agency, office, or 
related units.

Ability to read, write, speak, understand, or communicate in English 
sufficiently to perform the duties of this position.  American Sign 
Language or Braille may also be considered as acceptable forms 
of communication.

Persons with mental or physical disabilities are eligible as long 
as they can perform essential functions of the job with or without 
reasonable accommodation. If the accommodation cannot be 
made because it would cause the employer undue hardship, 
such persons may not be eligible.

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Local or
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This job specification is for state government use only.
Salary range is only applicable to state government.
Local salaries are established by individual local jurisdictions.