To find an eligible list with qualified candidates, enter the announcement's symbol number in the box below. The symbol is posted with each announcement and also can be found on Candidate Notification Cards. If you do not know the symbol, go to the drop down boxes (located above this paragraph) - place your cursor on either ENTRY LEVEL LISTS or PROMOTIONAL LISTS - and click on State, County or Municipal to scan all lists in the category. For example, if you are looking for an entry-level list for a State job, go to the ENTRY LEVEL LIST drop down box and select "State." You can sort this list alphabetically by title by clicking on "Title." Once you identify the symbol number, click "Search" at the top right of the page to return to "Please enter a symbol," and type it in. Similarly, if you are looking for a municipal promotional list, go to the PROMOTIONAL LIST box, select "Municipal," and follow the same instructions. Future enhancements are planned to assist you in these search activities.

* Please note that this information only reflects results known at the time the list is issued. It does not reflect subsequent changes to a list resulting from individual make-up examinations, appeal decisions, etc. However, if an entire list has been corrected and re-issued, the corrected list will appear. Additionally, this information does not reflect changes to a list based on a candidate's hiring or removal from a list. Therefore, these results are conditional and subject to change. List information will be viewable only for the three months following the date of issuance (although the duration of the list may be considerably longer).

Lists resulting from the firefighter examination program are not available for viewing on this site. Only some lists resulting from the LEE are posted on our website. Agencies with specific symbols assigned at the time of announcement have their eligible list posted on the day of issuance (Promotional titles, Parole Officer Recruit, Parole Officer Recruit Bilingual). Agencies without specific symbols assigned at the time of announcement will not have their eligible list posted (Municipal Police Officer, Campus Police Officer Recruit, County Police Officer, Park Police Officer, Police Officer Recruit Human Services, Police Officer Palisades Interstate Park, Sheriff's Officer, County Correction Officer). These lists will be issued when the agency has a need to hire and asks for a certified list. At that time, candidates will be notified of their score and rank for that title within that particular jurisdiction. Candidates will also be instructed to contact the appointing authority of that jurisdiction if they are interested in being considered for a position.
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