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Thank you for visiting the New Jersey Civil Service Commission (NJCSC) website and reviewing our Privacy Notice. The NJCSC is committed to protecting the privacy of all our Online Application System (OAS) users. Consistent with the State of New Jersey Online Privacy and Disclaimer policies, this notice describes the privacy practices regarding information collected from users of this website. By using this website, you signify your acceptance of this Privacy Notice, and the terms and conditions stated herein.


In order to register and use the OAS, you will be requested to provide personal information such as your name, social security number, address, telephone number, e-mail, and job history. This personal information will be used to process your submission. You are not required to provide the requested information and you may choose not to provide it. However, if you choose not to provide all the requested personal information, you will not be able to apply for civil service job announcements. The OAS requires job applicants to log into our website by entering a valid email address and first/last name. By requiring applicants to log in, the NJCSC is validating that the appropriate person is applying and viewing their personal information. The NJCSC also requires an e-mail address in order to send assistance if an applicant cannot remember how to log in at a later date. The e-mail address is also used to send a receipt confirmation for applications and payments.

Personal information will not be sold or distributed to non-governmental third parties for solicitation purposes unless permitted by law. The collection of personal data is limited to that which is needed for legitimate public purposes and retained only as long as necessary.

Manual applications will not be accepted. For more information, please refer to


Agencies collecting personal information online must notify the public that State and federal laws, including statutes, rules, regulations and the common law, control the use held by the State. The NJCSC may disclose personal information if:

Each job applicant must pay a non-refundable, application processing fee required by N.J.S.A. 11A:4-1.1. The application processing fee is waived for those job applicants receiving certain public assistance benefits. Please visit our website at for additional information on fee exemptions.

For applicants paying associated processing fees online via credit card or e-check, your account and certain verification information will be transmitted to a transaction processing agency and then on to banking or financial institutions to process your payment. The NJCSC has no control over such third party entities and disclaims all liability and responsibility for the actions or inactions of all such entities.


The State of New Jersey has established security procedures and practices for storing, handling and disposing of electronic records. New Jersey state laws, rules, and policies require instituting security measures to safeguard the integrity of data and prevent personal information from unauthorized modification, destruction, use, or disclosure. While commercially reasonable methods are used to secure the transmission and storage of the personal information you submit through this website, it is impossible to guarantee that data transmitted over the Internet will always be, and remain, secure. As a result, the NJCSC does not ensure or warrant the security of any information you submit through this website. You transmit your personal information at your own risk.


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